"All was well in the woods of Scandinavia. The creatures of the North were living in natural harmony… 
until the dark forces of Kalevala started terrorizing the peaceful order of things. A new force was called for. To fight for justice in the Nordic forests, a new force was born…"

We are Viking Discs

The manufacturer of premium disc golf products for pros, enthusiasts, amateurs and beginners alike. The discs and accessories are all designed together with the most enthusiastic throwers to meet the highest standards.

"To make the finest weapons, we had to find the finest materials. So we set our sails to meet the world-famous smith in Germany…"

High quality plastics – most of which come from Germany – is one of the key components that makes our discs so great. We keep on looking for the perfect mixture of polymers for any situation without compromise - so you are always equipped with the best tools for the battle.

"But the battles are not won only with the finest weapons. We started collecting some of the finest warriors and set up an academy where the new warriors would be trained…"

We are proud to sponsor a dedicated team of players, Storm Team. These players have chosen Viking Discs as their brand of choice. We also have Ground Academy to give support to new and promising players through equipment and mentoring. This is one of the ways in which we want to give back to the community.