Viking Discs Starter 8 Disc Set

The 8 Disc Viking Starter Set includes a mix of Viking Discs in a variety of plastics. This set is geared towards beginner skill level players, as the discs in this set are more beginner friendly than the other sets (but still can be utilized by higher skill levels). This set will give you everything you need to go out and play with a variety of discs and shot types. A pair of putters is even included, as this is a very common practice in the disc golf world. This set includes the following discs:

  • Viking Discs GROUND RUNE x2
  • Viking Discs GROUND AXE
  • Viking Discs GROUND COSMOS
  • Viking Discs GROUND RAGNAROK
  • Viking Discs STORM RUNE
  • Viking Discs STORM ODIN Viking

Ground plastic is a more beginner friendly plastic, that is slightly less durable and more soft in feel. Storm plastic is a premium plastic blend with higher durability. Note: Color and weight of the discs will vary. Weights are generally 167g+ (often in the 170s).