Viking Discs Thunder God Thor Warpaint Plastic | Distance Driver

Warpaint plastic has the same properties as Storm plastic, combined with stunning multicolor graphics. Warpaint is a durable and rigid mixture, retaining its flight characteristics well.

Fast and overstable disc for windy weather and changing conditions. You can count on Thunder God Thor to fade! Power throwers and forehand users will find the disc to be overstable enough, while still having some glide for maximum distance. Thunder God Thor is accurate in for long hyzers. Even if you release it with an anhyzer and a lot of torque, you can get a straight shot with long hyzer fade. The wide edge gives you a good grip to maximize power transmission. Feel the power of Thor!

  • Plastic: Warpaint
  • Speed 14 | Glide 5 | Turn 0 | Fade 2